- December

Due to another year of rapid growth in 2014, would like to announce the addition of Olaf Petersen to the position of Support Services Director.  As always we need to increase our sponsorship and revenue base to match the already increases in program offerings and Olaf is geared up for this challenge - contact Olaf for all your sponsorship inquires. Presents the 4th International Ride for Awareness Day - August 23, 2015

The 2015 ride will mark the 4th International Ride for Bully Awareness Day.  Although the original ride was in 2009 and was a 10-Day ride, it was restructured to its current format in 2012.  Each year we have a competition and the ride with the most bikes becomes the "Ground Zero" ride for the following year.  The winner from 2014 and the "Ground Zero" for 2015 will be Cape Coral, Florida hosted by StopBully212-USA Chapter 1 based in Cape Coral Florida.  The "Origin" Ride of course is Alberta, Canada where it all began.