A Video about StopBully.com - including school footage:  

 Today most schools have become "Bully Free Zones", at least in the politically correct sense. Despite this heighten awareness, Bullying still thrives in these environments much like it did 8 years ago when studies suggested that over the course of a year most children would in some way participate in Bullying and much like it did 20 or 30 years ago - it has just taken on new forms and the dynamic has shifted. Today it is often dished out in a psychological sense and often females have taken the lead, not to mention the growing concern that cyber bullying has become. 

A Quick History

StopBully.com began in 2001. It began as a one time publication in the form of an 80 page book aimed at educating parents and children alike of the consequences of Bullying and how to effectively deal with the issue when one becomes directly involved. This book was originally released and distributed by the KIDS INTERNATIONAL DISCOVERING SAFETY FOUNDATION and the book was supported by this web site. Very quickly it was recognized that there was a need for a program beyond a book and StopBully.com became its own entity.  Read More