Gold Membership

The Gold Membership Program (Provided by Smart Vacations) is an incredible private membership which stands as an alternative to typical hotel accommodations and time shares. This provides individual members access to discounted accommodations globally. As a member you can enjoy the vacations you always dreamed of – at unbeatable prices. For less than the cost of a hotel room you can enjoy 1, 2, or 3 bedroom accommodations in the United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Asia, South Pacific, South America, Europe, Bahamas, Canada, Australia, Africa, and more. Take your family on more vacations and spend less money.

With your Membership card you will have access to over 2 million weeks of availability for Condos, Villas and Private Homes in over 200 Countries around the World starting as low as $100 for the week! We have thousands of resorts available in virtually all vacation destinations of the world and we are continually adding amazing properties to our inventory. 

Plus, you have no ownership costs, fees, or obligations. Savings, peace-of-mind, guaranteed pricing, and enhanced signature service are all perks our Members have come to expect from Smart Vacations. Membership that gives you the travel buying power afforded only to huge organizations and travel professionals. 

Your Condo Membership Includes:

  • Condo access 51 weeks per year – no restrictions

  • One-time fee that offers Lifetime membership

  • Membership that is transferrable to family members

  • No annual fees

  • No maintenance fees

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