Bully prevention equals crime prevention; therefore, it is StopBully.com’s mission to keep community awareness at a level consistent with that of the other social challenges – like drug and alcohol abuse – that can lead the younger members of our society down the wrong path. We aim to provide community stakeholders with training and resources to enhance their ability to successfully reduce bullying in their environment. The act of bullying is often committed by youth with a need to reach out and establish superiority. This is usually due to a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. Both parties are in need of the tools conducive to building confidence, empowerment, positive communication, and empathy. The social media age has amplified bullying in communities, academic institutions, and social settings by sterilizing and desensitizing our youth’s communications. Society is witnessing a notable uptick in cyberbullying that due to the removal of fundamental communication elements in interactions such as body language, emotion, and empathy.​

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