We’re a team of caring people that come from all different backgrounds and expertise and work together to spread awareness to eliminate the spirit of bullying. We love what we do, and who we do it for.

Corey Ripley - Founder of and Bikers Against Bullying (212)

Corey Ripley


Zeus founded in 2001. In his spare time - Corey, often - WAIT, he doesn't have any spare time! He's 110% devoted to his organization's mission.

Travis Glubrecht - Events/Membership Sales

Travis Glubrecht

Sales and Events

Chuckles, has been, supporting the cause in his free time for several years. when he isn't hanging out with the team, he can be found supervising oil fields throughout Canada.



JC is a man of all trades. He can be found whipping headquarters into shape, moving motorcycles, fixing trailers or giving really good advice. JC loves shooting pool in his spare time!



When Legzz isn't out on her motorcycle or renovating something, she enjoys instructing children and giving them the tools they need to handle bullying situations in a constructive way.

Terry 'Chainsaw' Donaldson


Terry 'Chainsaw' Donaldson is always ready to help out with a smile. From picking up bikes to making sure we all have a safe ride - He is the MAN! Thanks Chainsaw!

Dave Le Couilliard

Head Office Administrator

Dave manages Head Office - monitoring merchandise, developing programs and building training materials. Dave is often grooming his beard and exploring the world with his wife.

Sandie Martins-Toner


Sandie 'SilverFox' Martins-Toner is one of the best things to happen to Her drive to make the world a better place is contagious. To meet her is to love her and we ALL do!


Corey Ripley Jr.

Membership Agent

2.0 is the new and improved version – a total revamp from the old 1.0. He can do it all and is GREAT at everything he does. He is always happy to help you sign up for a membership.

Bernadette Couturier

Membership Agent

Thumper (bride to be) is always a helping hand when needed. May this new chapter in your life be filled with lots of chuckles. HAHA!

Daniel Trudell

Membership Agent

Shovel has been the StopBully poster child for years. He is busy spreading bully prevention awareness all over. He is very passionate about the cause and is happy to help you get involved.

Mitch Corbett

Membership Agent

Strawberry is our B.C. membership agent. He's not only a King in the Kitchen but the nicest guy on the street... depending on the street.


We’re always looking to expand our Team! Must be coachable, passionate, and eager. Must love cake.


Volunteer opportunities are also available! If you’re interested in helping our cause on a voluntary basis, don’t hesitate to reach out! You’ll be walking our dogs.  You’ll play an integral role in spreading Bully Awareness!