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Bikers Against Bullying (212) Chapter members are the foot soldiers supporting local anti-bullying activities as well as supporting community initiatives to make better communities. See some of activities that our Chapters have been up to.

Back to School BBQ SUCCESS 
A HUGE Shout out to our Chapter 9 212 Crew members for delivering binders to the children of the Skwah First Nation Community.
Our Members and Officers are thankful to have been able to spend time with the kids, the Elders and their Amazing Band Office Team.
Grateful to everyone that played a huge part in making today a complete success.
Random Acts of Kindness
Today, our very own SilverFox performed her first, in what she hopes will be a series of Random Acts of Kindness.
In the month of September, we hope to have multiple RAOK leading up to the 20th, which would have been her son Matthew’s Birthday.
On September 1st, SilverFox and a few of the Chapter 9 – 212 Crew will be delivering binders to be added to 35 children’s backpacks. They’ll ride into the Skwah First Nations Community and help the kids celebrate back to school with a BBQ.
Please take a moment in the month of September to complete a random act of kindness in memory of Matthew Martins, and be sure to tag us on your social.
September 20th,1988 -July 2nd, 2005

35th Bike Giveaway Winner

On August 21st StopBully.com hosts an Annual Ride for Bully Awareness. Once the day is finished and the database of contributors is finalized, we select a winner who receives our appreciation prize. This years winner donated $20 at Canadian Tire in Fergus Ontario. We called Adam (the winner) on Tuesday August 23rd to deliver the good news. You can hear his winning phone call on our giveaway page. Once we deliver the bike we will post his photo. Congratulations to Adam and thanks for your support.

Bikers Against Bullying Ride for bully awareness makes the news in BC. Take a look

11th Annual Ride for Bully Awareness

We are currently planning our 12th Annual Rides for Bully Awareness in BC, Alberta and Ontario. Details will come shortly – If you are interested in taking part or planning a ride in your area – please contact info@stopbully.com​


Our Poster Child LJ – he has spent his last three years volunteering to help out the 212 ride on his Birthday – Happy Birthday LJ!!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow – 212 Custom Cycle – 127 Kingsview Rd – Airdrie – Registration in person 9;30 to 10:45am. KSU – 11am.

Calgary Bike Nights

Come join us for Bike Night every Wednesday at the Watchman’s Pub on 17th Ave Downtown Calgary. 6:30pm – 8:30pm… Hosted by 212Crew Alberta and the Watchman’s Pub. Sponsored by 212 Custom Cycle in Airdrie. Wing Wednesday, Taco Special and loads of fun – see you there. All riders welcome.


StopBully and Bikers Against Bullying has recently launched a new online store. You are welcome to purchase swag here. Proceeds from every order will go towards supporting the cause and bringing awareness to the issue of bullying amongst children. https://212marketplace.com


BC Ride for Bully Awareness 2022

Well, That’s a wrap for the Chapter 9 -212 Crew 11th Annual Ride for Bullying Awareness in Beautiful Langley, BC ❤️🔥❤️🔥
All of the Officers and Members want to take a moment to thank the amazing Volunteers, Vendors and our incredible Supporters.
A HUGE thank you to the amazing IMRG Langley Rides and News for coming out and blocking for our ride. We appreciate your time and the safety you provided our riders.
And last, but not least, the Officers and Members of the 212 Crew- Chapter 9 for months of prep and your selfless service and dedication to our group and the community in which we serve. You’re truly beautiful souls.
Until next year, ✌️👆✌️

AB Ride for Bully Awareness 2022

Alberta Ride for Bully Awareness took place on Sunday August 21, 2011. It was a great day until the rain tried to wash us away. We stood our ground. The school of rock entertained us . What a great show they performed their hearts out!!

Stopbully.com attends Hogs for Hospice. One of my favourite events. We thank the folks in Leamington for putting on one of the best planned events in the nation. We also thank them for allowing us to participate!

StopBully.com Ontario purchases a new event tent. If you see it, make sure you pop by and say hi!

Stopbully.com restarts bully awareness tables in Ontario after COVID knocked the wind out of our sails. We are back at it. We are focused and determined to spread the word, get volunteers and make connections in the communities we are in. If you want more information, contact us at info@stopbully.com.

212 Spring Swap Meet – June 13, 2021 was a success

212 had a great turnout at the spring swap meet. We have just started the planning for the next one to be hosted at 212 Custom Cycle on September 19th with a September 26th rain date. If you would like to join us contact us for more information at info@stopbully.com. It will take place at 212 Custom Cycle at 113, 127 Kingsview Rd SE, Airdrie AB.

212 Spring Swap Meet 2021

212 is hosted their spring swap meet. It will was held at headquarters on Sunday June 13th. The next swap meet is scheduled for September 19th. You can contact us for more information or table information at info@stopbully.com. It will take place at 113, 127 Kingsview Rd SE, Airdrie AB.

Bikers Against Bullying AB – help local football team in bottle drive

In efforts to support a young man in Calgary, the Bikers Against Bullying Calgary assisted the Wildcats in a bottle drive. It was a moving event for all who participated.  

COVID 19 Shopping and Grocery Delivery

Chapter 9 offers shopping and delivery service to those who can’t get out during the COVID-19 isolation period. Way to go Chapter 9!

StopBully partners with Polar Martial Arts Studio

StopBully.com and Polar Martial Arts Studio in Calgary have partnered to offer children in the Bully Prevention Program Taekwondo.

Taekwondo develops your child’s athletic abilities and self-awareness, and improves the child’s capabilities in self-defense. Taekwondo emphasizes moral development as well. Children learn respect for themselves and others, heightened concentration, and increased self-discipline and self-restraint. We feel that this is a perfect fit for the program.

25th Bike giveaway

Terry ‘Chainsaw’ Donaldson presented Troy Christie his new Indian Scout outside Sobeys in Olds where he made a donation to support StopBully.com. Congratulations Troy and thanks for your support! Next Contest Give Away #26 – St. Patrick’s Day… Catch us out at a booth to enter or support online. No purchase necessary. See Complete Contest Guidelines and details at http://stopbully.com/giveaways/​

Halifax Bike Show – March 6, 2020

Coast to Coast – We’re at the Halifax Bike Show this weekend! Pop on over to our booth and say Hello! Be sure to enter to WIN a Motorcycle for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day 26th Bike Giveaway! 🔥🔥🔥

The Big Bake Winners

212’s Silverfox got to sign the wall of fame over at Punk Rock Pastries. Not only are these gals the winners of the HIT TV Show,”The Big Bake”, They’re stopbully.com Community Partners. These girls know what it means to give back to the community! Sending a HUGE thank you from all of us at Bikers Against Bullying – British Columbia. March 7, 2020​

Centranet Resources is a PROUD StopBully.com Community Partner

We’re thrilled to be able to add them as one of our newest local community businesses. Together we can STAND UP for youth/children at risk. Be sure to check them out and tell them we sent you… www.centranetresources.com. March 6, 2020

Presenting to bc Housing Corporation

Today, we presented to the BC Housing Corporate Office staff, our  story and mission with StopBully and Bikers Against Bullying resonated deeply with them. In recognition of the Bullying Awareness week across North America, we want to remind everyone that Bullying happens 365. February 27, 2020.


The mission of StopBully.com is to spread awareness to children, families, schools and communities to end the spirit of bullying while empowering youth.


To see children empowered with the esteem to become leaders. To help those who don't and to reach all of their goals while creating safe communities.

Established in 2009