About StopBully.com

StopBully.com is on a mission to spread awareness about bullying and how it affects children. By casting light on this issue we hope to create bully free communities across north america. 

Some of the things we do to accomplish this mission are:

For Children: provide support to bullied, bullies and bystanders, organize extracurricular activities, rides to school, walk to school, bowling with Bikers, zoom calls with Bikers

For Parents: Provide an ear when they need to talk, provide guidance when communicating with schools 

For Schools: Provide instructors/speakers for teachers, classrooms, assemblies, student leaders, bully benches, and lunch monitors

For Communities: volunteer for events, assist other ‘child focussed’ groups and organize family friendly activities open to public, speakers for events that are either child or parent focussed.

StopBully.com sets up fundraising tables through out the communities across Canada to raise awareness and funds so we can provide our services for free. This is also where we make connections with children, parents, teachers, school administrators and community leaders and volunteers. 

Our Annual Ride for Bully Awareness takes place the third weekend in August in communities where we have riding groups established. The summer of 2023 we are planning a ride across Canada. We will be kicking off the ride in Abbotsford BC and Ending in Halifax.


The mission of StopBully.com is to spread awareness to children, families, schools and communities to end the spirit of bullying while empowering youth.


To see children empowered with the esteem to become leaders. To help those who don't and to reach all of their goals while creating safe communities.