Our Mission

The mission of StopBully.com is to spread awareness to children, schools and communities to end the spirit of bullying while empowering youth in order to create a world where bullying does not exist.

About Us

StopBully.com began as a "one off" project in Central Alberta in 2001 - making it often referred to as the "Grandfather" of the Bully Prevention/Awareness Programs in Canada. By 2002, there was a demand for its resources nationally and had spread to 80 western towns. Soon after, it became one of the first programs to send regular instructors to schools to address students. In 2003, it added online reporting as a means for students to safely report "bullying actions" to a "trusted adult." In 2007, the program changed its focus from school programs to community awareness. Today, it's once again offering training to all community stakeholder organizations - from students to parents, as well as maintaining a focus on "community awareness" and youth empowerment.

We Believe

Bully Prevention equals Crime Prevention; therefore, it is StopBully.com’s mission to keep Community awareness at a level consistent with that of the other social challenges like drug and alcohol abuse that can likewise lead the younger members of our society down the wrong paths. Likewise to provide community stakeholders with training and resources to enhance their ability to successfully reduce Bullying Actions. The Act of Bullying is too often committed by youth with a need to reach out and often to establish superiority. This is usually due to a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem, and causes likewise in bullying targets. Both parties are in need of the tools conducive to building confidence, empowerment, and empathy. ​