Bikers Against Bullying

Established in 2009

212 Crew Mission
To Stand for the Fallen,
Be the Voice of the Voiceless
and the Strength of those
that feel Powerless.
Ending the Spirit of Bullying
by Empowering Children in Need.
No Child Shall Stand Alone

Bikers Against Bullying (212) is a initiative with Chapters across Canada and the United States. The Chapter members are the foot soldiers supporting local anti-bullying activities as well as raising awareness with our Annual Ride for Bully Awareness (3rd weekend in August). is one of the oldest awareness/anti-bullying organizations; spreading awareness since 2001.


The mission of is to spread awareness to children, families, schools and communities to end the spirit of bullying while empowering youth.


To see children empowered with the esteem to become leaders. To help those who don't and to reach all of their goals while creating safe communities.