To thank our members for their generous support through donations, randomly selects a member each quarter for a bike giveaway. We have been giving away bikes since 2013 to our members! Check out our previous recipients.


Latest Winner

The 37th winner of our St Patrick’s Day appreciation giveaway is from Stettler Sobeys in Alberta. We can tell you that they made a $200 donation on August 29th. Once we make contact, we will update with the name and schedule a date to present the prize. Check back for updates.

The 36th winner of our Christmas Day appreciation giveaway is Janice Reinhart from St. George, Ontario. She made a $20 donation at the Foodland in Ayr. We made contact but she is away for the winter. We will present her with her prize when she returns to Canada. Stay posted…

The 35th winner of our appreciation giveaway bike was Adam Roberts of Fergus, Ontario. He made a $20 donation at the Fergus Canadian Tire store on August 21st. Thanks for your support Adam!

Listen to his winning phone call below.


The 34th winner was John LeClair; his wife donated at CrossIron Mills Mall just under a year ago. Congratulations John and thanks for your support.

33rd Winner,  Neil Marshall was selected on St.Patrick’s day 2022. Listen to his winning phone call. He donated at Strathmore Peavy Mart. Thanks for your support Neil.


The 32nd bike winner is Naim Benyakhief of Calgary who donated at CrossIron Mall in Balzac, Alberta for a Silver membership and won on Christmas 2021.


31st winner – St Patrick’s Day 2021 is Matthew Cilliers of Calgary. He made a $100 donation at Princess Auto South Calgary. Congratulations Matthew!


30th winner – Father’s Day 2021 donated the back.


The 29th winner, Randy Franklin of Cold Lake, donated $100 at Sobeys and won the Annual Ride for Bully Awareness Day giveaway 2021. Thanks for your support


Diane was our 28th winner for Father’s Day. She donated $200 at Kamloops Walmart.


27th Winner is Dave Okopski of Edmonton receiving his Victory Highball. He is our St. Patrick’s day. Thanks for your support Dave!


Father’s Day giveaway will be postponed due to COVID. All Silver membership donors will be extended to another giveaway date so that you are still entered into 4 giveaways.

The 26th winner of our 2019 St.Patrick’s Day bike giveaway is Mike Howells of Drumbo, Ontario who Donated at Woodstock Zehrs.


The Christmas Day Winner #25 is Troy Christie. He donated at Olds Sobeys in and he took home an Indian Scout – Congratulations Troy and thanks for your support!


Rosie LeClair donated for her husband John and he is now the 24th winner.

Melvin Kimble is the 23 winner and selected the quad as his prize.

Bill Richards is the 22 appreciation winner.

Winner #21 is Breanna Michaud

Bike was Donated back

Winner 19 is Greg Labelle.

Winner 18 is Grant Knapp.

Winner 17 is Matt Ellis

Winner #16 is Stephanie Anda

Winner #15 is Dave Morin.

Winner #14 is Ken Thibault.

Winner #13 is Jordan Smith

Winner #12 is Valerie Pardy-Antle

Winner #11 is Greg Braganza.

Winner#10 is Benny Chapchuk.

Winner #9 is Todd Liebig

Winner #8 is Marian Stewart.

Winner #7 is Mohan Velpula

Winner #6 is Dustin Free.

Winner #5 is Patrick Murray.

Winner #4 is Lance Weatherly.

Winner #3 is Cody Ball.

Jim Leitch is our 2nd motorcycle winner.

Marty Trim is the first StopBully appreciation giveaway recipient. Thanks for your support Marty and congratulations.